A great big welcome to EconAtUni.com; a new website that’s aiming to be a one-stop-shop for all prospective economics students offering unique guidance and advice right from choosing your courses through to ensuring you give you application the best shot possible.

Information is aimed at UK universities for courses including economics as one of the study areas although students from other countries or those looking to study related disciplines (e.g. management, business studies or perhaps even psychology!) are also likely to find something of use.

What information will I find here?

  • An outline of what economics related courses are out there and which one to pick
  • A brief overview of the application system (UCAS) in the UK
  • Writing your ‘Personal Statement’ – some ideas
  • What you should be doing – keeping your knowledge up-to-date and going beyond the classroom
  • Oxbridge: entrance tests and interviews – how can you prepare?
  • Want something else? Get in touch!

There’s an abundance of information available out there for prospective students for any course, let alone economics. Where we want Econ@Uni to differ is that everything will be tailored to economics or related (by this we mostly mean business and management courses or joint courses where other disciplines are offered in conjunction with economics) courses.