The Personal Statement structure dissected

personal statement structureA simple guide for structuring your Personal Statement. This template breaks down the statement into 4 sections. It can be difficult to maintain flow given the strict character limits imposed on the UCAS form, so you are encouraged to deviate from the template where appropriate. The most important thing about a Personal Statement is that it is PERSONAL – make sure your personality comes across when you write yours.

By the way… have you checked out the Economics Personal Statement guide? You will only find it on Econ At Uni.

1. Personal Intro & Highlights

  • What gets me excited about economics
  • Why this means I want to and should study economics
  • Achievement highlights: be specific (especially for economics related presentations and writing) and mention the skills that were nurtured through each (leadership, verbal reasoning, written communication etc.)

2. Transferable Skills/Motives:

  • List not only where you worked but what you did there and who you met
  • Show understanding of the situation in the wider economy and how¬†this affects the organisation you worked at – you are applying to be an economics student after all
  • Subjects studied and skills developed through school study. Show you know what academic skills the course requires (numerical ability as well as written communication skills are both required for economics at university)

3. Hobbies & Free Time:

  • Keep it brief
  • Again, list achievements (e.g. Grade X in Piano)
  • Any unusual achievements – have you been on TV? Slip it in casually.
  • What do you read/do to keep abreast of current events? You could mention a book here if you wanted to.

4. Conclusion:

  • Retell why you’ve selected the course you’re applying for
  • Refer to your future: allude to the fact that you’re still young and don’t know exactly what you want to do, but have a good idea and doing this course at uni will help your ideas to mature.

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