Mock Interview for Economics, Management or Geography

£45.00 £34.00

  • 45 minute mock interview
  • 3/4 time spent on subject topics and an academic discussion (usually based on an article or prompt)
  • 1/4 time spent on personal discussion (interviewer will read your personal statement beforehand if it is ready)

Product Description

You will receive written feedback on the following:

  • Clarity of communication – how easy it is to understand what you are saying
  • Answer structure – how clear and easy your arguments are to follow
  • Interview technique – how you come across and general impression and ways to tweak this
  • Subject knowledge – e.g. which topics and concepts you can understand to impress your interviewer and the basic theories you should be familiar with.

Interviewers are recent Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge) graduates. The interview will be arranged at a time that is convenient for you and we can usually arrange for the interview to take place within 24-48 hours if this is your preference.

If you personal statement is ready, you can send this to the interviewer so that the personal questions can be tailored based on what is written in your personal statement.
If you have any questions about this service or would prefer to conduct your mock interview in person rather than on Skype, contact us.




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