Economics Crash Course Revision Guide

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This 17 page guide covers some of the most important topics in economics (see below for list of topics). It is ideal to use as a framework for planning your revision for A-Level economics or IB Higher Economics. It’s also a really good way or refreshing your knowledge of key economics topics prior to an economics interview. See table of contents and sample images for more. If you have any questions about this download, get in touch.

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Table of Contents:

  • How to use this guide
  • E.U. Overview
  • Arguments against withdrawal from E.U.
  • Advantages of EU Exit
  • Disadvantages of EU Exit
  • Single European Market
    • Benefits
    • Impact of SEM
    • Social Chapter
    • The down side: Eurosclerosis
  • European Central Bank
    • Targets
  • Arguments for UK joining Euro
  • Arguments against joining Euro
  • Balance of Payments
    • Current Account
    • Capital Account
    • Financial Account
  • Reasons for Protectionism
    • 1) Domestic macroeconomic policy takes priority
    • 2) Strategic Industries
    • 3) Infant Industry
    • 4) Variation in quality of goods
    • 5) Ethical Issues
    • 6) Anti-Dumping
  • Alternatives to Protectionism
    • 1. Expenditure Switching Policies
    • 2. Expenditure Reducing Policies
    • 3. Increased International Competitiveness
  • FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
    • Why is FDI undertaken
  • Cost Curves
    • 1) Marginal Revenue: Extra revenue gained by increasing output by 1 unit. 4
    • 2) Average Revenue: Mean revenue gained on transactions. Also demand curve. 4
    • 3) Average Cost: Mean cost of each unit produced. 4
    • 4) Marginal Cost: Extra cost incurred by producing 1 extra unit. 5
  • Profit Maximising Point
  • Profit Maximising Output level
  • Revenue Maximising Output
  • Point of Productive Efficiency: (A.K.A. Technical efficiency)
  • Theory of the firm
  • The importance of profit (in a free market economy)
  • Measures of a firm
  • Mergers
  • Oligopoly
    • Case Study: Energy ProvidersEconomics Revision Cover




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