Prepare for interviews with our briefing on executive pay (hot topic!)

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Interviews may be a month away but there’s no better time to start preparing than now – especially because you are often given only a few days of prior notice! To make preparing easier, Econ At Uni lets you download interview briefings – these are reports on a specific topic (in this case executive pay, which refers to CEO and bankers’ salaries and bonuses) that has received a lot of media attention.


This briefing is based on the Guardian article titled ‘Three Ways to Tackle High Executive Pay‘ which is similar to the kinds of articles you may be presented during your interview or 15 minutes before your interview for you to prepare and be ready to discuss when you start interviewing. You will learn how to dissect the author’s line of argument and form your own opinions on the issue so that you can discuss the topic with the interviewer in a confident and well-reasoned manner.

This briefing will tell you about:

  • The background to the issue and links to news article on the topic
  • Why it has become hotly debated – arguments on both sides
  • How to develop a critical skill (e.g. quickly analysing articles as you may be required to do as part of the interview process)
  • The theories and academic concepts that underlie real world issues
  • Possible interview questions on bankers bonuses and how to answer them
  • Further reading ideas to deepen your knowledge

You can view screenshots of the first two pages of the briefing below and when you’re ready download the briefing for just 99p.