20 questions you should prepare for Economics and Management interviews

Oxford and Cambridge will soon be sending out invitations to interview for Economics, Economics and Management, PPE, Geography and other courses. Once you have checked out the Interview Briefing and the Economics Crash Course Revision Guide, make sure you can answer questions you are likely to be asked.

You’ll have to spend some time thinking about such questions and they will often lead on from what you have written in your personal statement. To get you started, look at the 20 sample economics, management and general interview questions below.

Personal, Economics and Management Interview Questions

      1. Why this University?
      2. Why this course?
      3. Why have you chosen the subjects you have at school/college?
      4. Apart from your studies, what else do you plan to do while you are here?
      5. How have you developed your interest in economics/chosen subject outside of your curriculum?
      6. What options might you take if you study this course here?
      7. What do you expect to gain from studying here?
      8. What are your plans and ambitions for the future?
      9. Why do organisations exist? [Management]
      10. What is economics fundamentally the study of? [Economics]
      11. What is management about? [Management]
      12. Will studying management make you a good manager? [Management]
      13. Do you subscribe to either the Keynesian or Classical schools of economic thought? [Economics]
      14. What is the contribution of John Maynard Keynes to economics? [Economics]
      15. Is economics an art or a science? [Economics]
      16. Are economics models too abstract to be valuable in practice? [Economics]
      17. What determines the size of a firm? [Management and Economics]
      18. Because of the internet, the role of marketers is far less important. (Discuss) [Management]
      19. How might a firm choose between mutually exclusive opportunities? [Management]
      20. Is the assumption of rational behaviour in the study of economics realistic? [Economics]

Feel you don’t quite know how to answer some of these questions? Check out our interview briefing on executive pay (a hot topic recently) You can see more Econ At Uni posts about interviews and Oxbridge entry to aid your interview preparation further.